Little lexicon of the NuTyX user's

All the terms used in the documentation are refered and explain in this little lexicon.

Typical installation on a single partition

In this topic, we propose to install NuTyX on a single partition which occupy the entire disk. GRUB the boot process is installed as well on the same partition. This article is made so you don't have to thing too much. It's straight forward.

Base commands

They is no graphical package manager, those few base commands will help you to handle easily your NuTyX

GRUB setting up

If you did'nt install GRUB yet ( by mistake or on purpose ), it's not too late. As you will see with a few screenshots, it's very simple to install GRUB in a standalone way.

NuTyX manual of the 8.1 version

NuTyX manual of the 8.1 version. You will find everything you need to know about the configuration and the use of your NuTyX

Compile and install your own kernel

This document explain how to compile and install your own kernel from the sources. It's goog to have some knowledge of your hardware like, the network card name, graphical card name, processor type, etc

Produce a customised ISO

It's very easy to generate a customised ISO from an installed NuTyX in a folder. This ISO can then be used to reinstalled NuTyX. If you want, it's even possible to add a graphical interface etc. Up to you to add all the packages you want at the moment you install the kernel which is the minimum required.

Why should you contribute ?

Today NuTyX have about 1400 applications in binaries available. It's a lot and not because every days are new programs release on the net under open source licence (or not)

What is a port ?

The port is a directoy containing a certain numbe of files needed for the construction of a package. The command pkgmk will produce the package which can be instal.

How to build a package ?

This article explains you how to build from scratch a package for NuTyX. We will explain also what's are the various possible scenarios. We talk about all the functionnalities (basics and advanced) of the package manager cards.

Build it's own NuTyX

This document explain how to build from scratch a linux distribution, in this case NuTyX as a base we will used the excellent online manual found in:http://www.linuxfromscratch.or...ew/development/.
[Important]This article is target to people who knows what's a GNU/linux distribution is. It's highly recommended to have build a first time the LFS entirely by hand before trying this method. This project is continuously in development, it's possible that you encounter somes errors during the construction.
The article is divide in four sections:
  1. The preparation of construction
  2. The construction of the CHROOT (pass 1)
  3. The construction of the NuTyX (pass 2)
  4. The post-construction and generation of the iso

Setup a build bot

This article explains you how to build fully automaticaly all the packages of a collection with a command as simple as:
bash bin/enter-nutyx /development/kde5
It's important to have a good knowledge of your NuTyX distribution to be able to use the script properly.

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