Sun Apr 16 17:41:59 2017 UTC

Finish up your installation

And now ?

You're now with a brand new base NuTyX installed. If you now already how to go on to get a graphical interface you can directly check the wesite documentation. If you're wonder how to install a complete graphical interface, go on with reading.

Updating the meta data about available packages

We need to inform your NuTyX about all the available packages that can be installed. An alias is available for that:
[sudo] password for charly:
You enter now the password you specify at the installation and synchronisation starts:

Installation of a graphical interface and one of the available desktop

Synchronisation is done. You are now ready to install the rest of the packages to obtain a graphical NuTyX interface. Let's start then with the graphical server:
get xorg
[sudo] password for charly:
You enter now the password you specify at the installation and installation starts:
You can now choose your favorit desktop. Under NuTyX: kde5, xfce4, mate, gnome, lxde, openbox, flwm, ratpoison, etc are available.

Available desktops:
kde5 kde5-extra
get kde5 kde5-extra
gnome gnome-extra
get gnome gnome-extra
xfce4 xfce4-extra
get xfce4 xfce4-extra
mate mate-extra
get mate mate-extra
get lxde
get openbox

What ever your choice, you will need to install a Login manager. You can choose between lxdm and slim. For lxdm:

get lxdm

You should now install a few tools that might be very usefull, for example:

get zip unzip xdg-user-dirs gvfs ntfs-3g alsa-utils firefox libreoffice pidgin thunderbird

If you are using a wireless connection as default, install network-manager-applet:

get network-manager-applet

And to finish up

The most easy way is to reboot your machine. After reboot, you will be prompt to choose your login name via lxdm or slim. If you did install slim, you should press F1 to select the right desktop to login to.
sudo reboot


I suggest that you read the section on the base commands so that you can go further with your installation.