Tue Apr 4 17:33:15 2017 UTC

Typical installation of NuTyX on a single partition

Thoses screenshots shows you a typical installation on a single partition in bios mode. We have a disk of 8 Gbytes. The first partition is the swap partition of a 2 Gbytes size. The rest of the disk space will be available for the NuTyX install partition.

A minimum of 1 Gigabyte RAM is best suited. We assume that you have already burnt the ISO onto a CD.

If you prefer, you can prepare a NuTyX bootable USB flash-drive. Either option will work.

You also have a blank hard drive.

Now we will begin, using screen-shots that will show you a typical installation on a single partition:

Boot-up the USB Flash Drive/CD on which you copied/burned the ISO.

Partition creation (optional)

Creating a partition is optional. If you already have an empty partition available, you can go directly to the format of the partition.

Format the partition (optional)

The formatting of the partition is optional. If you have an unformated partition or you want get rid of everything on the partition, then just format it. If you still want to keep your personal data, you need to manually remove the following directories: opt, bin, etc, root, run, sbin, usr and var. If you already have an empty formated partition, you can go directly to the installation of NuTyX

Install NuTyX

The installation of NuTyX doesn't need an internet. It takes just a few minutes.

Configure NuTyX

Once installed, NuTyX automatically start its configuration dialog without having to reboot.

The configuration is very straightforward: network card configuration, setting date and time, and modification of the default password of the administrator account root.

Next, when prompted, use your username you just create to login.

Giving the base commands a trial run-through.

I suggest that you read the section on finalise your installation so that you can install a graphical interface.