Tue Dec 22 16:13:00 2020 UTC

The install-nutyx script


The script can be started from an already installed NuTyX or from another distribution.

Make sure you are using Bash interpreter otherwise the script will fail.

Make sure your distribution is running 2.32 glibc version minimum otherwise the script will fail.

It must be executed from the root account.

This script allows the installation of a base NuTyX in a folder.

It's signature can be verified by downloading the http://download.nutyx.org/install-nutyx.md5sum file.

Let's start with a simple example

The traditionnal example to show how simple it is.

The script can install a Base NuTyX in the /mnt/hd by default. The command is as simple as:

bash install-nutyx

The installation will start immediatly.

Advanced options

At the moment, they are 7 configurables variables:

  • the installation path define by the LFS variable
  • the url adress of the mirror where are the binaries located via the URL variable
  • the version to installed (fixed or rolling) define by the VERSION variable the kernel we want to install (if not the default one) can be define by the KERNEL variable
  • the local path of the downloaded binaries define by the DEPOT variable.
  • the list of packages to install prior the chroot define by the CHROOT variable.
  • the architecture we want to install define by the ARCH varible.

    The ARCH variable will be use if we want to install a 32 bits NuTyX from a 64 bits OS. The otherway around is not possible.

The script will analyse the /etc/install-nutyx.conf file if it exist and used defined variables in it. Here is a summary example of the /etc/install-nutyx.conf file:


If you want to have your own configuration, it's possible to place your configuration files in the /etc/install-nutyx.conf.d/ folder. When you run the script, if files are found there, they will be used instead of the default ones.

Recognised configuration files list:
cards.conf /etc/cards.conf
pkgmk.conf /etc/pkgmk.conf
fstab /etc/fstab
.bashrc /root/.bashrc and /home/<username>/.bashrc
bashrc /etc/bashrc
profile /etc/profile
hosts /etc/hosts
inputrc /etc/inputrc
rc_site /etc/sysconfig/rc_site
.bash_profile /root/.bash_profile and /home/<username>/.bash_profile
.dmrc /etc/skel/.dmrc
shells /etc/shells
dircolors.sh /etc/profile.d/dircolors.sh
extrapaths.sh /etc/profile.d/extrapaths.sh
readline.sh /etc/profile.d/readline.sh
umask.sh /etc/profile.d/umask.sh
modules /etc/sysconfig/modules
createfiles /etc/sysconfig/createfiles
mouse /etc/sysconfig/mouse

As a conclusion:

[Important] Don't forget to remove/check the /etc/install-nutyx.conf file and the contents of the /etc/install-nutyx.d/ directory if necessary. Found files will be read and used by the script and allow a more powerful configuration.
This script is widely used in many tutorials of NuTyX:
logo scriptinstall-nutyx The installation of NuTyX is done following these steps:
  • Open a temporary root session
    sudo bash
  • Download the script and the signature
    wget http://www.nutyx.org/install-nutyx{,.md5sum}
  • Check the signature
    md5sum -c install-nutyx.md5sum
  • Mount the destination partition (here /dev/sda2 for example)
    mkdir -p /mnt/hd
    mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/hd
  • Install the base NuTyX
    bash install-nutyx
  • Once the installation is done, you can re-enter into the freshly installed NuTyX via the command:
    bash install-nutyx -ec
  • Adjust the /etc/fstab file if you choose to use systemD as init system:
    echo "/dev/sda2    /    ext4   defaults    0    0" >> /etc/fstab

The script can be used for both 32 bits and 64 bits architectures. By default, it will be the host architecture of the host machine that will be chosen. It's possible to install a 32 bits NuTyX from a 64 bits host machine but not the other way around. To install a 32 bits NuTyX from a 64 bits host machine, use the ARCH variable:

ARCH="i686" bash install-nutyx

By default, it will be the rolling branch of the NuTyX installed; it's possible to specify another branch. Specify the name of the branch via the VERSION variable. It should exist on the depot server.

VERSION="development" bash install-nutyx

The default URL will be used for downloading and configuration of NuTyX. To instead specify another URL, use the URL variable.

URL="" bash install-nutyx

By default, it will be the /mnt/hd folder used for the installation, the LFS variable can be set to specify a new destination folder:

LFS="/My-NuTyX" bash install-nutyx
The folder will be automatically created if it does not already exist.

You can combine several variables:

VERSION="rolling" \
URL="" \
ARCH="i686" \
bash install-nutyx