Sun Apr 16 13:14:31 2017 UTC

Installation of NuTyX via the script without internet connection


[Note] In this article, the destination partition will be /dev/sda4.
[Note] The boot procedure is not explain in this topic. Means that the machine have already a boot process and you only need to adjust the /boot/grub/grub.cfg file and add a new entry NuTyX on /dev/sda4.
[Note] In this article, all the commands are done via the root account
[Important] [Important] The writer is not responsible for lost of datas that could happens because a fault manipulation. This topic is for advice target audiance.

How to proceed:

  1. Mount the destination partition
  2. Retrieve all the binaries packages from base collection
  3. Download and check the installation script from the download server
  4. Put the /etc/install-nutyx.conf.d/cards.conf file in place
  5. Installation of NuTyX
  6. Update grub for accept the new NuTyX

Mount the destination partition

In this article the destination partition will be /dev/sda4. A minimum of 15 Gbytes size will allows you to install all the available graphical interfaces today xfce4, lxde, gnome, mate and kde5 and will give you the possibility to add a set of applications frequently used.

When the script is running it use some variables. The most important one is:


We will then redefine this variable so that the script can use it:

export LFS=/mnt/NuTyX

We format the destination partition. The file system of our choice is ext4 Ext4 gives us the possibility to avoid the use of an initrd

mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda4

We mount the formated partition on the folder define by the LFS variable.

mkdir -p $LFS
mount /dev/sda4 $LFS

Everything is now ready to retrieve all the binaries needed for the installation of NuTyX.

Retrieve all the binaries packages from base collection

This command needs rsync. Make sure it's installed on your distribution.

An bootable base NuTyX need only the base collection, we will then first downloads only those two collections.

We put them directly in the right place:

mkdir -p $LFS/var/lib/pkg/depot
rsync -av --delete rsync://`uname -m`/9.0/base/ \

Once this command finish, we will now download th installation script from the server.

Download and check the installation script from the download server

We need the command wget for the download. Make sure you have it install on your distribution


We check integrity of the script before we use it.

md5sum -c install-nutyx.md5sum
install-nutyx: OK

Before we launch the script with the corrects variables, we need to put the /etc/install-nutyx.conf.d/cards.conf file in the right place.

Put the /etc/install-nutyx.conf.d/cards.conf file in place

The install-nutyx script can use preconfiguration of some files. It means if it find one of thoses files in the /etc/install-nutyx.conf.d/, the script will used the found one instead of the internal one of the script. We will then adapt the cards.conf file of our NuTyX for an "offline" installation by mentionning the only collection available for the installation base without specifying the download URL.

mkdir -p /etc/install-nutyx.conf.d
cat > /etc/install-nutyx.conf.d/cards.conf  << EOF
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/base
base /var/lib/pkg/depot/base
locale de

We are now ready to start the installation of NuTyX.

Installation of NuTyX

If you proceed as mentionned above, the installation can be launch via the downloaded script:

bash install-nutyx

The installation is using the /dev/sda4 partition mounted on /mnt/NuTyX folder.

They should be no downloading.

      Installation of NuTyX 9.0 installed
      in /mnt/NuTyX sucessfully

* Thanks for installing NuTyX                      *
*                                                  *
* Check *
* or    *
*                                                  *
* Make sure to review /etc/cards.conf              *
* to meet your requirements in packages selection  *
*                                                  *

Update grub for accept the new NuTyX

Adjust the /boot/grub/grub.cfg configuration file by adding following entry:

menuentry "NuTyX x86_64 ext4 on /dev/sda4" {
 set root=(hd0,4)
 linux /boot/kernel root=/dev/sda4 ro quiet