Sun Oct 21 19:59:32 2018 UTC

Latest news 2018-10-21

NuTyX 10.4 available with cards 2.4.81

I'm very please to annonce the new NuTyX 10.4 release.

NuTyX 10.4 comes with kernel lts 4.14.78 (4.9.114 in 32bits), glibc 2.28, gcc 8.2.0, binutils 2.30, python 3.7.0, xorg-server 1.20.1, qt 5.11.2, gtk 3.24.1, gimp 2.10.6, plasma 5.12.6 LTS (in 64bits) , kf5 5.50.0 (in 64bits), mate 1.20.1, xfce4 4.12.3, firefox 62.0.3, etc....

A second kernel is proposed for people who want to use the very last version of the kernel 4.17.11

NuTyX 10.3 user's are invited to upgrade.

With the model release of NuTyX (fixed and rolling release, see below), five news ISOs are available in 64 bits and 32 bits. Sizes are from 296 MB up to 1.24G. They are available on the download page.

The 64 bits is available in "Fixed" and "Rolling" releases as a base and a MATE ISO.

The 32 bits is now only available in "Rolling" release and as a base ISO. This version is EOL means only critical issues are applied.

The EFI installation have been improved, but it's still experimental and limited.

The installer has been spit in two installation modes: Simple and Advanced installation mode.

Available graphical interfaces are: kde5, mate, xfce4, lxde, flwm, jwm, ratpoison, blackbox, fluxbox, openbox, bspwm, icewm, twm, etc.

The GNOME GUI is no longer part of the graphical interfaces available under NuTyX. Systemd and the latest version of GNOME (3.30) are more than ever linked, it becomes almost impossible to propose a functional gnome graphical interface.

In the future, gnome applications (which do not depend on systemd) will be moved to the gui-extra collection.

The GIT projects

A new adress is now available

The Bug tracker

The bug tracker is now available at

You can report any bug on the distribution, request for new package or new features on the CARDS package manager.

Main Updated Packages List of NuTyX 10.4 compared to the 10.3

  • kernel lts 4.14.59 -> 4.14.78
  • kernel 4.17.11 -> 4.18.16
  • firefox 61.0.1 -> 62.0.3
  • chromium 68.0.3440.75 -> 70.0.3538.67 (compiled by the ArchLinux Team)
  • libreoffice ->
  • kde Applications 18.4.3 -> 18.08.2
  • kde framework 5.48.0 -> 5.50.0
  • kde plasma 5.12.6 LTS

Upgrade process

It's no need to reinstall your NuTyX.

This upgrade can be done after doing a small manipulation (see below).

To initiate the upgrade process, just type:


You stop the graphical server:

init 3

You just need to do:

del mesa
sudo cards upgrade

You can reboot when upgrade is done

Old news

Old news are now available here.